The Boundary Impact Ventures





    Investing in scientific risks and scientific infrastructure as an alternative asset.

  • Funding scientific economies

    How cryptocurrencies and the blockchain can enable the creation of horizontal economies and the opportunities that exist for science.

    Asset-backed tokens / cryptocurrency for science

    This post explores the possibility of creating asset backed tokens to fund long-term scientific assets

    Scientific alternative assets

    The science funding ecosystem, historically serviced by a bifurcated mix of grants and risk capital, has many elements that make it an attractive alternative asset. This post describes our thesis for investing in science as an asset class.

  • Our Approach



    We view science as an alternative asset class, with non-correlated risk-return characteristics that are attractive to deep value-oriented investors. We invest broadly across all scientific categories, with a preference for technologies that replace existing "scientific infrastructure". This allows for our investments to be structured with a balance for long-term returns upside and medium-term yield.



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    General inquiries: contact@boundaryiv.org