The Boundary Impact Ventures thesis
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    Invest in high-impact, translational scientific research projects "too late" for grants, but "too early" for traditional venture capital.


  • What is impact investing for science?

    The science funding ecosystem, historically serviced by a bifurcated capital mix of grants and investments, has many elements that make it a natural fit for applying impact investing principles. This post describes our thesis and approach for bringing impact investments to science.

  • Our Approach

    Drawing from principles of conventional philanthropy, venture capital and private equity, our goal is to unlock value from meaningful scientific innovations that otherwise would not be funded under traditional market structures.


    We approach science as an alternative asset class, with risk-return characteristics that are attractive to deep value-oriented investors.

  • About us

    We field a diverse, cross-sector team

    Andrew Wong (@akwwong)

    Combining his experience as a funder of basic research and years working across the global financial system, Andrew started Boundary Impact Ventures to advance scientific breakthroughs.

    Pilot fund advisors

    Sam Arbesman, Shawn Carbonell, Alison Urkowitz Green, Wilson Lin, Yale Mao, Michael Winer, Nicholas Yiu

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